Manifold Configurators


Configure and Quote Hydraulic Manifolds

ETOedge enables intelligent and integrated customer engagement

Win more business, Reduce costs

Comprehensively address your customer, sales, engineering, manufacturing, and corporate needs.

  • 90% reduction in costs to win an order
  • Order time reduction from 1 to 2 days to less than an hour
  • 50% reduction in engineering support for presales tasks

Sales Advantage > Revenue 2x

  • Increased sales and market penetration of custom configured hydraulic systems
  • Increased quote capture rate, quote accuracy and profitability
  • Faster time-to-market for new products

Productivity > Do more
Improve organizational productivity by cross integration capabilities of ETOedgeTM.


  • Address exceptions and complex configurations only
  • Hydraulic 3D model and CAD drawings created per specific product selection

Supply Chain

  • Reduce order fulfillment processing time and accuracy
  • Bill of Materials created concurrently as the product is configured
  • Customer service
  • Focus on exceptions and critical events for quotations