Cylinder Configurators


Leverage your in-house hydraulic cylinder design expertise

Deploy VEST ETOedge technology for intelligent and integrated customer engagement

Win more business, Reduce costs

Configure and Quote Hydraulic Cylinders

Comprehensively address your customer, sales, engineering, manufacturing, and corporate needs.

  • 90% reduction in costs to win an order
  • Order time reduction from 1 to 2 days to less than an hour
  • 50% reduction in engineering support for presales tasks

Sales Advantage > Revenue 2x

  • Increased sales and market penetration of custom configured hydraulic systems
  • Increased quote capture rate, quote accuracy and profitability
  • Faster time-to-market for new products

Productivity > Do more
Improve organizational productivity by cross integration capabilities of ETOedgeTM.


  • Address exceptions and complex configurations only
  • Hydraulic 3D model and CAD drawings created per specific product selection

Supply Chain

  • Reduce cylinder order fulfillment processing time and accuracy
  • Hydraulic cylinder Bill of Materials created concurrently as the cylinder is configured
  • Customer service
  • Focus on exceptions and critical events for cylinder quotations